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Men's Artistic Levels 1-3 Floor, Vault and PPP Competition


NameClubLevelFloorVaultPPPAA Total
Ehinomen OdigieDouglas AMens Artistic Level 1 U74.7008.5661.00014.266
Callum ScanlonDouglas AMens Artistic Level 1 U74.6507.6002.05014.300
Hugh ScannellDouglas AMens Artistic Level 1 U73.0007.6660.60011.266
James KennedyDP AMens Artistic Level 1 U70.0000.0000.0000.000
Fionn MeehanExcel AMens Artistic Level 1 U75.7007.8334.70018.233
Ovi Kinsella PhillipsExcel AMens Artistic Level 1 U75.7509.0666.10020.916
Cillian DoyleExcel AMens Artistic Level 1 U76.2008.7664.05019.016
Ben McCannExcel AMens Artistic Level 1 U76.7509.0005.05020.800
Jake TierneyExcel AMens Artistic Level 1 U74.1508.0004.45016.600
Jack ScottPhoenix AMens Artistic Level 1 U75.4009.2002.70017.300
Zach OrrPhoenix Mens Artistic Level 1 U73.1508.3664.40015.916
Sean NaughtonPhoenix Mens Artistic Level 1 U74.3508.1322.45014.932
Cody MarumPortlaoise AMens Artistic Level 1 U76.3508.3334.30018.983
Jack DohertyDouglas AMens Artistic Level 1 U81.0007.6330.8509.483
Joseph RussellDP AMens Artistic Level 1 U95.3008.3334.35017.983
Sam BennettExcel BMens Artistic Level 1 U84.3509.0333.00016.383
Cian O'SullivanExcel BMens Artistic Level 1 U81.9008.5002.80013.200
James CondellExcel BMens Artistic Level 1 U84.5508.7334.35017.633
Louis McDonaghExcel BMens Artistic Level 1 U81.6508.4664.10014.216
Finn CaseyGrange AMens Artistic Level 1 U84.1008.6001.85014.550
Sam DeeterGrange AMens Artistic Level 1 U80.0000.0000.0000.000
James McCarneyNPGA Mens Artistic Level 1 U81.5009.2666.00016.766
Alexander ByrnePhoenix AMens Artistic Level 1 U86.1009.0006.30021.400
Feilim BourkePhoenix AMens Artistic Level 1 U87.3008.8666.10022.266
Robbie JonesPhoenix AMens Artistic Level 1 U85.0508.3330.90014.283
Oliver O'NeillPhoenix AMens Artistic Level 1 U84.5508.4002.80015.750
Luke ClancyPortlaoise AMens Artistic Level 1 U84.4008.8002.10015.300
Daire FitzgeraldDouglas AMens Artistic Level 1 U95.7668.6003.85018.216
Oisin CrowleyDouglas AMens Artistic Level 1 U96.2009.0005.00020.200
Jude McNameeExcel Mens Artistic Level 1 U93.2668.6005.30017.166
Cillian CampbellGrange AMens Artistic Level 1 U94.6338.9004.00017.533
Dara Ni MhurcuGrange AMens Artistic Level 1 U94.4009.0502.30015.750
Luke ScanlonGrange AMens Artistic Level 1 U94.3669.6502.65016.666
Elliott HollandPhoenix AMens Artistic Level 1 U95.1668.9004.95019.016
Sean RidgewayPortlaoise AMens Artistic Level 1 U96.2669.4005.30020.966
Eoin BoothPortlaoise AMens Artistic Level 1 U95.3009.1503.70018.150
Conor PenneyRenmore BMens Artistic Level 1 U96.6009.7505.05021.400
Charlie GarveyRenmore BMens Artistic Level 1 U95.0007.5503.20015.750
Liam ConnollyDP AMens Artistic Level 1 U104.4508.5504.15017.150
Conor DonovanDP AMens Artistic Level 1 U105.1509.4005.00019.550
Eoin MartinDP AMens Artistic Level 1 U106.8009.5005.05021.350
Saulius JutelisExcel Mens Artistic Level 1 U103.9509.0005.50018.450
Harry McGradyRenmore BMens Artistic Level 1 U105.7508.7505.40019.900
Peter KeaneRenmore BMens Artistic Level 1 U104.8008.8504.60018.250
Ciaran CurtinExcel BMens Artistic Level 1 U126.0009.0505.85020.900
Leo ByrneExcel BMens Artistic Level 1 U125.1008.8004.50018.400
Cian O'SullivanGrange AMens Artistic Level 1 U125.2009.3503.80018.350
Scott BoothPortlaoise AMens Artistic Level 1 U124.5008.9003.70017.100
Tomas WatkinsRenmore AMens Artistic Level 1 U125.8008.9003.70018.400
Zach WalkerRenmore AMens Artistic Level 1 U145.5339.0003.80018.333
Joseph GrealishRenmore AMens Artistic Level 1 U140.0000.0000.0000.000
Liam KelleherDouglas BMens Artistic Level 2 U107.9508.1507.40023.500
Eoin BarrettDouglas BMens Artistic Level 2 U107.7509.1505.45022.350
Jack TownDouglas BMens Artistic Level 2 U105.8008.1004.70018.600
Daniel McGrathRenmore Mens Artistic Level 2 U106.3508.8506.35021.550
Rory ConnollyRenmore Mens Artistic Level 2 U109.0508.6007.40025.050
Sam SheedyDouglas BMens Artistic Level 2 U128.5508.4505.05022.050
Nathan FlanaganPortlaoise Mens Artistic Level 2 U128.5508.8005.15022.500
Eanna McMahonRenmore Mens Artistic Level 2 U127.4508.9505.80022.200
Danny WalshExcel Mens Artistic Level 2 U147.3508.0005.15020.500
Daire KellyNPGA Mens Artistic Level 2 U147.8509.4007.30024.550
George SmirnoffPortlaoise Mens Artistic Level 2 U147.5008.7505.30021.550
Brandon BlakeExcel Mens Artistic Level 3 U120.0000.0000.0000.000
Luke Kenny OmenPortlaoise Mens Artistic Level 3 U120.0000.0000.0000.000
Cian O'MurchuDouglas Mens Artistic Level 3 U140.0000.0000.0000.000
Owen SullivanDouglas Mens Artistic Level 3 U147.5338.8664.35020.749


Team Competition

Level 1 Team

1st :   Phoenix A

2nd :  Excel A *

3rd :  Renmore B *

*Score Correction after competition completed


Level 2 Team

1st :   Douglas B